Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

Knowledge of Nature and the Nature of Knowledge

Life & Learning @ Ludlow

Thursday 14 March
10:00am — 12:00noon

Ludlow Mascall Centre

Speaker: The Revd Prof Andrew Gosler

How do we know what we know? On whose ‘authority’ do we claim to know something? The decline in understanding about or even belief in God in the UK parallels and is intimately connected with: a decline in engagement with the real, i.e. natural, world; with what has been termed ‘ecophobia’, increased migration and urbanization of people; with an utter misunderstanding of both evolutionary biology and scripture; and with the increasingly absorbing attention given to the Internet. This is a particular concern for young people (most ‘millennials’ cannot name five British birds), but is not restricted to them since there has been a generational decline in knowledge of nature over the last 50 years at least. This talk will explore some of these issues and think about the role of the church in reconnecting and reconciling.

The Revd Prof Andrew Gosler is Associate Professor in Applied Ethnobiology and Conservation. A position unique to Oxford University, he sits both within and between the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology and the Institute of Human Sciences. Over the years an increasing discomfort with the atheist rhetoric of evolutionary biologists has led to an exploration between science and faith which culminated in his baptism in 2000 and ordination as Deacon in the Church of England in 2018.

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Andrew Gosler The Revd Professor Andrew Gosler