Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Elan Valley Aqueduct — Ludlow's biggest construction project

Ludlow Lectures

Tuesday 09 October at 10:00am

St Laurence, Ludlow

Speaker: Michael Rosenbaum

The 73 mile long Elan Valley Acqueduct was constructed at the turn of the twentieth century to provide water for the Birmingham conurbation. This function it still performs today powered by gravity alone, passing silently within 1000 metres of Ludlow's Buttercross.

Emeritus Professor Michael Rosenbaum is a Ludlow resident and an authority on the geology of the Welsh Marches.

Tickets: £5 at the door

Season tickets: £15 for 6 lectures also available — download form HERE

Ludlow Lectures: full programme HERE

The Elan Valley Dam The Elan Valley Dam

Aqueduct at Hope Bagot The Elan Valley Aqueduct at Hope Bagot