Ludlow Arts: Word

Ludlow Arts: Word

The Cathedral Builders

U3A in Ludlow

Monday 24 September at 10:00am

Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Speaker: Keith Cattell

Keith Cattell is a retired architect from Wolverhampton with an almost lifelong interest in architectural history. His talk will highlight the origins of cathedrals, built to the glory of God but influenced by an army of human egos too. Cathedral builders were supreme masters of their craft and the talk will look at the building methods they used and, in the process, examine some of the severe structural problems they experienced and how they overcame them.

Non-members are always welcome to come to a U3A meeting as a visitor to find out more about U3A in Ludlow.

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St Pauls Cathedral Section through St Paul's Cathedral, London from 'Banister Fletcher'